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CES Composites
We train your instructors to teach advanced composites in house


CES has been training instructors at AMT schools for over 24 years.  Airlines that have in-house training can benifit by teaching composite repair for the type of aircraft they maintain. 

Because composite training is still something all mechanics do not know, there is a big turnover when a company trains its workforce.  These trained mechanics go off to other jobs that require composite maintenance.  Keep your workforce knowledgeble on composite repair with in-house training. 

We have the lesson plans, projects, CD slide shows for your  instructors to train your employees on composite repair.  We come to your site, teach a class, and instruct the instructors on how to use the materials to formulate a custom class based on the type of aircraft, shop, and equipment you presently own. 

Our lesson plans are used with the textbook "Advanced Composites", and have step by step lessons that instructors can easily teach to your maintenance technicians.

CES can customize lesson plans and projects to fit the type of materials used on your aircraft, and use the SRMs that you presently use.

Please look under "AMT SCHOOLS" to find out more information on training the trainer.