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CES Composites


CES composite repair hot bond equipment have been in use throughout the aviation industry for 22 years.Repair stations, airlines, ambulance operators, and AMT schools use CES equipment because of its simplicity, reliability and compact design.  The CES 1025 is for Industry use.  For training see CES1000S.

Our first piece of equipment sold in 1988, is still in daily use at an airline.

 Rugged equipment!


* Compact Design, 17 lbs, can be stored under an airline seat for travel!

*  100% solid state

* 24 step nonvolatile program memory

*  Will operate a heat gun or heat blanket

*  Dual outputs

*  Integral vacuum generator, converts standard shop air to vacuum

*  Panel control for pressure and vacuum

*  Fully  instrumentated control panel

*  Hinged dust cover folds securely out of the way during operation, locks in place over panel for storage/transport.

*  Convenient hinged storage compartment holds power cord, heat blanket, thermocouple, etc.

CES 1000S Hot Bond Equipment for Training

 Bonding equipment specifically for Training  -  Vacuums and Cures 5 student projects at one time

* 100% Solid State

* Digital Display Panel

* Converts standard shop air to vacuum

* Standard 120V input

* Simple Operation - Fully Programmable

* Light Weight and Portable

* Complete with all heat blankets, valves, manifolds, hoses, thermocouples

* Cures 5 projects at one time, lowering the total expenditure to teach composite repair techniques.