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Cynthia Foreman founded CES and was the senior instructor for the company for years. CES provides composite repair training and equipment to aviation operators and carriers. CES also provides specialized instructor training and equipment to enable aviation maintenance technician (AMT) schools to provide their students with training in advanced composite repair. Ms. Foreman provided training and assistance to more than 75 AMT schools. She also provided training and assistance to more than 30 commercial air operators. In 2023, Ms. Foreman sold the company, and it has moved to Virginia.

Composite Educational Services manufacturers four models of composite bonding equipment that are sold throughout the U.S. and internationally. 

Composite Educational Services thanks Ms. Foreman for the foundation she created with CES. She has worked in an advisory capacity with major aircraft manufacturers, NASA, testing labs, and materials manufacturers such as DuPont. Her experience includes work as an AMT instructor and a corporate aircraft mechanic. She is currently recognized internationally as an author, instructor, and leading expert in composite repair technology.

Ms. Foreman is the author of Advanced Composites a textbook that is published by Avotek Information Resources. This book is the only published text that is written specifically to address advanced composite repair procedures for aircraft.

Composite Educational Services

Composite Educational Services

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