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CES Composites

Materials for composite repair can be hard to find in small quantities.  A repair station may not need more than 10 yards of Kevlar 285 for a years worth of work.  Most weavers sell large bolts to manufacturers, and do not want to roll off small quantities.  CES understands that, and buys materials in larger quantities, then breaks them down into small quantities for sale.  All materials purchased will have conformity, and tracability.  All materials can be purchased in Large or Small quantities.

 Types of repair materials and weaves usually in stock:

Kevlar 285, Kevlar 281, Kevlar 120

Fiberglass 7781, Fiberglass 120

Carbon 584


We stock Shell Resins, but can get many different types, please specify

Vacuum Bagging Materials:  We keep in stock a variety of vacuum bagging materials which can be used in higher temperature operations.  They are rated up to 400F.

Vacuum bagging plastic

Peel Ply, Teflon coated release fabric, release films

Sealant tapes

Flash tape

Bleeder, Breather in 4 and 10 oz.

Vacuum Bagging Tools:

Vacuum Valves

Vacuum hoses, also autoclave hoses

Layup Tools

Squeeges, mixing cups, mixing sticks, gloves, cutting mats,

Kevlar Scissors - used for cutting Kevlar only 

Fabric Scissors- used for cutting other fabrics and vacuum bagging materials.

Epoxy hand cleaner - safer than solvent

Mold release

Other tools

Right angle sanders with sanding discs, Sandpaper (to fit discs in 180, 220 grits)

Drill bits:  Dagger, Spade, Brad in various sizes.

Router bits, diamond cut edge

Dual stage dust collectors

Digital Scales

Dust masks, tyvex suits and aprons